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Playground Sets

Playground Sets for Wilson, Rocky Mount, Washington & Greenville, NC

Salt Wood Products, Inc. offers an awesome selection of playground sets that are sure to become your children’s new favorite outdoor toy. Your kids will spend hours swinging, sliding, and having the time of their lives on our beautiful playground sets. We offer complete wood playground sets and custom playground sets. Whether you are a hands-on type of family or prefer a simpler approach to playground building, we have just what you’re looking for!

Our Playground Sets

Our selection of playground sets will allow you to be flexible when choosing. They come in a variety of sizes and layouts so you can find the set with the components you’re looking for.

  • Our selection of custom ready-to-build kits gives you the complete freedom to make your playground set exactly what you want it to be. With layouts ranging from a classic swing set up to more elaborate layouts, you can pick the set that meets your needs. There are 3-4 possible design options per set.
  • The lumber is not precut or predrilled, giving you complete freedom and flexibility when it comes to customizing your playground set. It comes pressure treated so you can get right to work.
  • Our Kodiak 512, 514, and 515 playground sets are our premium models; you can choose between three sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Mix and match from our huge list of components to fully customize your set.


For more information regarding our selection of playgrounds below, please feel free to give us a call today! These kits are in stock at our store. Our staff proudly serves those throughout Wilson, Washington, Rocky Mount & Greenville, NC.



NE 4692 5 ft Turbo Tube Slide
NE 4405 7′ Turbo Tube Slide
NE 4709 Tunnel Twister
NE 3060 Super Speed Wave
NE 3053 Speed Wave Slide
NE 4720 Alpine Wave Slide
WS 8200 Apex Wave Slide
NE 4675 Cool Wave Slide

NE 4678-1YB Sidewinder Slide

NE 4488 Ring Trapeze Combo
NE 2435 Heavy Duty Trapeze
NE 4481-1 Climbing Cargo Net
NE 3023 Steeple Climber
NE 4564 Money Bars Set (6)
NE 4543S Climbing Rocks (4)
NE 4569L See Saw Spinner
High Point
Sun Valley
NE 3050 Monster Web Swing
NE 4706 Double Deluxe Nest Swing 
NE 4630 40′ Nest Swing 
NE 4705 24′ Nest Swing 
NE 4518 Swing Seat
NE 4886 Heavy Duty Swing Seat
NE 1539 Toddler Coaster Swing 
NE 5027 Child Swing
NE 4574 Disc Swing 
NE 4693L Wind Rider 
NE 3452 Dual Ride Glider 
NE 5041 Stand Up Swing 
NE 4537 Mega Rider
NE 4610 Telescope
WS 4620 Telescope Deluxe
WS 2620 Binoculars Deluxe
NE 4412 Steering Wheel
NE 1524 Pirates Wheel
NE 4467-1 EZ Frame Bracket
NE 4479-1 EZ Frame Braces (2)
NE 4403 Multi Color Tarp
NE 4496 Extra Duty Tarp
Anchor It (4 Anchors)
NE 4410 Safety Handles (2)
Swing -n- Slide Kit Packages